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George Marshall Rogers was born on October 16, 1850 (or 51) in Adams Co., Ohio to Joseph & Sarah Rogers . He married Nancy Jane Boatman on August 5, 1874 in Manchester, Adams Co., Ohio. George died February 11, 1924 is buried in Laurel Cemetery Madisonville Ohio

Nancy was born on October 7, 1854 in Adams Co., Ohio to George & Julie Boatman . She died January 2, 1932 is buried in Laurel Cemetery Madisonville Ohio.

George Marshall Rogers & Nancy Jane Boatman Rogers
Picture Picture
George and Nancy had 7 children. George was a farmer and carpenter.

Henry Curtis
Born: 12 January 1875 Place: _____________
Married: 15 March 1899 at: _____________ to: Anna Gertrude Carskadon
Died: March 1952 buried at: Beamville Cemetery in Beamsville Ohio

Lida Etta
Born: 9 September 1876 Place: __________
Died: __________ buried at: __________

Zora May
Born: 6 February 1879 Place: __________
Married: _____________ at: _____________ to: Fred Lyons (second marriage)
Died: 2 May 1963 buried at: __________
Comments: They lived in Hoopeston Ill in 1932

Carrie Florence
Born: 20 September 1883 Place: Manchester, Adams Co., Ohio
Died: 20 Mar 1939 buried at: __________

Harry (or Hary) Albert
Born: 8 February 1888 Place: __________
Died: __________ buried at: __________
Comments:Nancy's obit listed him as living in Madisonville Ohio on 5337 Whetsel Ave. in 1932

Anna Ethel (or Etta)
Born: 29 February 1892 Place: __________
Died: Sep 1954 buried at: __________
Comments:Nancy's obit listed Anna as not married

William Herman
Born: 21 May 1895 Place: Spriggs Township, Adams Co., Ohio
Died: __________ buried at: __________
Comments:Nancy's obit listed him as living in Ponca City Ok. in 1932

Comments:Nancy's obit also listest her daughters as Mrs. Henry Albright of Detroit, Michigan; Mrs. Clinton C. Wolf of Madisonville, Oh. at 5710 Sierra Parkway; and Mrs. Jay Jordan of San Antonio, Tx. but I didn't know which daugher is which. An that one son is not married, again I don't know if it was William or Harry.
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