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Joseph Matchett was born on May 7, 1857 to Richard and Rachel Matchett. Joseph and Mary never married, he did however marry Lucy Walters on Sept. 3, 1882. Lucy died Sept. 28, 1889 and he married Hannah Mae Cline on May 1, 1892. Joseph died June 1948.

Mary Elizabeth Schlechty was born Nov. 13, 1860 parents names are not available it this time. Mary married John Presley Gerber. She died on March 27, 1940 and is buried at the Ithaca Cemetery, in Darke Co. Ohio.

Joseph Matchett

Joseph Matchett was from Indiana and nothing much is known of the family. Joseph and Mary were never married, although one child was born from their relationship, a daughter named Josie Myrtle .

John Presley Gerber and Mary Elizabeth Schlechty

Sometime after the birth of her daughter, Josie, Mary Elizabeth married John Presley Gerber. They had at least one other child, a son named Otho.

This is all I know about this line presently. When I was growing up dad would always take us to the Schlechty Reunion in Indiana. It was alway great fun, but as a kid it was just a chance to play with my cousins, and I didn't pay much attention to how we were related.

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